Why Every Small Business Must Write Blogs

With a blog writing strategy, you get to spend more time with your clients making a difference instead of worrying about business
Writing a blog is not always easy… trust me… I know!
For many… blogging is not natural.
It can be downright uninspiring when you know you ‘have to’ write…
And because of those reasons getting started is the hardest part.
You have a choice… you can either find a system that makes blogging worthwhile (and fun)… or not!
Let’s start from the beginning with…

17 Reasons to Write a Blog


  1. Promote your business
  2. Grow your business
  3. Build your audience
  4. Create brand awareness
  5. Establish authority
  6. Add value
  7. Build rapport
  8. Create opportunities
  9. Brings in leads
  10. Tell your story
  11. Help you stand out
  12. Become a better writer
  13. Become a better thinking
  14. Raises your awareness
  15. Declutter your mind… and…
  16. Helps with ranking, because Google loves blogs
But best of all…
17. Blogging saves you time!!!

How Does Blogging Save You Time?

When I hired my very first social media assistant, I was at an absolute loss at what to give her to post.
She asked me to come up with 5% Inspirational Quotes, 5% News, 10% testimonials, 20% personal content, 10% pictures with captions, 20% curated content and 20% promotional material
That was impossible for me…
I had no idea where to get this information from or how to produce it in a short period of time.
Needless to say our relationship did not last long.
I’ve learnt a lot since then…
The information I was asked for years ago could have simply been extracted from blogs I’d written…
  • If you are wanting to post your own inspirational quotes… take them from your blogs
  • If you want personal stories for social media, add personal stories to your blogs so they are recorded and extracted any time.
  • When you’re looking for new curated content for social media… there is no need to rewrite the content or re-research information because it’s all there in your blogs
You see, blogs are an amazing source of information not only for your clients but for you as well.
Try turning your blogs into short videos with programs like Lumen5 or Headliner
Or… use the topic as a basis for a podcast, a webinar or a lead magnet
A blog may take some time to write but when a blog is written it can be reused or repurposed in many different ways

Don’t Know How to Write Blogs?

For some writing might be easy but for those that struggle as I did, a system is a must…
1. Start with a goal
Know what it is you want to achieve from with your blogs.
Write a Call to Action based on your goal.
Each blog should have at least one Call to Action at the end and if appropriate blended throughout as well.
It is your responsibility to direct the reader to another step
Think of it this way, if you are enjoying the content you are consuming, and it’s valuable to you, do you want to know more? I know I do!
Don’t leave your readers hanging… tell them what the next best step is after consuming the information… tell them where they can learn more.
Therefore step 1 is… What is the goal of the blog?
2. Write your lead sentence, the introduction to the blog…
Let your readers know what you will be writing about.
This should be short and punchy, 1 sentence or a short paragraph is all that is needed.
Remember that the attention span of an average reader is about 8 seconds so you need to grab their attention early so that they continue to read.
3. Next, write the body of the blog.
Give information, value, solve a problem and don’t forget to include a story… stories are relatable… readers love stories.
And if you don’t like writing stories about yourself then try this… write a story about a friend or someone famous.
Hint: To get into the habit of writing, at the end of every day write about your day in a diary including how it relates to your work or your clients…
This is a great way to get used to writing about yourself, remember stories and it’s also a great reference for blogs.
4. Then the summary
a brief summary is all you need (1 sentence to sum up your body) linking back to the lead sentence, then it’s time to add the Call to Action.
5. And last of all, the headline
Why don’t I write the headline first? Often as I’m writing, the blog takes a twist in a slightly different direction than first expected and the headline that I started with becomes irrelevant. You see it’s all about making the most of your time… don’t waste time creating a headline upfront that is most likely to change.

What if I’m not in the mood?

Yet another challenge :\
To be effective at writing blogs, whether you’re a natural-born writer or not, you must take writing seriously.
Treat it like any other important task.
Set aside a specific time slot on a specific day each week.
You will soon create a habit so that when the time comes to write your blog, your brain will automatically switch into blog writing mode
My Creative Routine
Once I’m settled in my blog writing space, I start with a routine to get my creative mind working.
First I grab a cuppa with a flask to refill (this eliminates any excuses to leave my desk to make another cuppa)
Then I sit back and admire my view…
Watch the wind rustle the leaves in the trees,
Listen for birds singing…
Stare in amazement at the different colours I see…
I simply observe.
Then I bring my attention back to my note pad.
I pick up my pen and I just write…
To begin with, nothing really makes sense… I simply write the first thing that comes to mind… anything at all.
And here’s a little secret, those first few words are never included in my blog… they are simply to get me thinking and to get me started.

NOW… Let’s Blog!!!

To get over the hurdle of starting…
Would it help if you had a blogging group to join?
One that actually got you writing?
Whatever’s been stopping you from writing blogs, let’s move forward together… and have a bit of fun along the way 💃
Join me in the Blog Pod…
The online meeting room for writing blogs… and yes… that is exactly what it is… an online space to simply write… alongside other mothers in business
Held each week at 10 am Brisbane time (the only requirement is that you must be a mother in business and you must be a doer with a purpose)
All you need to do is click on the link below to join the Mothers of Momentum FB group where you will find the link to register for the Blog Pod in Events (#Blogpod)
Small Blogs Are Starting Up Big Campaigns ~Jesica Valenti
About the Author: I'm a mother and a business owner, since 25 years :0 And yes! I've had some big changes... When I started this business I struggled with confidence... I struggled with overwhelm and I struggled to stay focused (even though it's driven by purpose). Now I live by 2 mottos... KEEP IT SIMPLE and ONE STEP AT A TIME and I follow one simple formula... “The Flexibility Formula” for mothers in business... go on... download it... it's yours... for free :)
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