Who Killed Creativity And How To Get It Back

You don’t have to be an artist to be CREATIVE, that is artistic, it's simply a different form of creativity.

What is creativity and how do we recognise it?

I’m talking about creativity in our everyday lives – like the things we say, the things we think, the things we do, and even how we dress.

Over time, I have found that every profession is creative whether it’s accounting, engineering or teaching. They all encounter crazy problems and obstacles all the time that need creative solutions.   

Take engineering for example, there are many ways to design a supporting structure of a house, there is no one size fits all, every design is individually suited to every individual block of land, designed for every individual person and every individual lifestyle… no 2 designs are ever the same.

That’s just one of the things that makes every Engineer individual, and uniquely creative from another.

How Do I Recognise Unique Creativity?

I see posts on Facebook all the time where people say things like, “Who me? I’m not creative at all!”Then I read their post, the way they write and tell their story and it is amazing.  And guess what, it’s very creative.

The problem is that we throughout our lives have adopted a belief that we ourselves are not creative but what actually happens is that we get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget to open our eyes to observe the beauty around us.

Children being young, curious and without fear are creative by nature therefor we as adults look for the creativity in our children.

I can remember when my son first learnt to walk (actually this went on for quite a few years) he was the master of funny walks. I couldn’t tell you how many different walks he came up with, but he just did it and it always kept us amused, and the best things was, it kept him amused as well. You see he was learning to be creative, naturally.

What if you changed the way you saw your everyday events and looked for the creative flair within your children, your family and the people you encounter?

Even in winter when people tend to wear dark single coloured clothes there will always be something creative about each person.

It may be their shoes, it may be their earrings or their lipstick, and actually it may even be their underwear 😉

Suddenly the way you look at people changes, the uniqueness of every person. Our world becomes brighter, thanks to the creativity surrounding us.

What does ‘Creativity’ mean to you?

These responses came from Facebook, the question about what does creativity mean to you?

So you see creativity is not about being artistic, it’s not about being funny, it’s not about colour, it’s not about looks, it’s about individuality and authenticity, it’s about you being you.

How to be creative when you’re not feeling creative

Not long ago I wandered into a book shop at Sydney airport, as I was looking at these many books, I wondered what it was about books that appealed to me. Was it the colour, the title, the picture on the cover or the layout?

Something stopped me when I got to the business section, there it was. 

A book with bright red wording on a white cover, words highlighted, words crossed out, it had no engaging pictures but for me it was intriguing and although it was only red and white, it was bright and through my eyes, creative.

When I lifted it off the shelf and opened it I was even more mesmerised by the layout and the style of wording that matched the beauty and imaginative cover.  For me that was everything.

The book was called ‘The Art of Creative Thinking’ by Rod Judkins.

Judkins writes…

“This book is not meant to be read in a linear way. When your creativity is running low or you feel the need for inspiration, open it at any page at random.

The Art of Creative Thinking began as a tribute to what all of us can learn from art school, but what I hope to show more than anything is that thinking creatively is not a professional activity – it’s a way of relating to your life. Creativity is not about creating a painting, novel or house but creating yourself, creating a better future and taking the opportunities that you are currently missing.”

Needless to say I bought the book.

How else can you become creative when you’re not feeling creative?

I think it’s different for everyone, for me it’s about awareness, appreciating the creativity in the world around me but for you it may be acting on your ideas more and see what comes, maybe it’s curiosity, maybe it’s to meditate, playing a game, going for a walk or maybe it’s simply observing you, yourself.

Part of my passion and purpose at Mothers of Momentum is to connect and create learning spaces for mothers in business to creatively solve problems, find answers and get things done in a fun and innovative way.

Working with me, sure there’s structure but you’ll be creatively and purposefully disrupted, you’ll be challenged and you’ll gain a whole new idea about how planning for a business can be simple, simply by being creative... be it creating a new course, a marketing plan or an organisational system.

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See you on the inside 🙂

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