Group Consulting for Mothers in Business

Business can be a long lonely road, it can be extremely frustrating, totally overwhelming, undeniably challenging and with a family to juggle create some very real feeling of mothers guilt

This is your chance to grow your business alongside other mothers in business

At Mothers of Momentum, we run Group Consulting Programs that help you optimise your business so that you can win back your time and get on with living life.

Sound good?

And just so that you know you’re in the right place, this is the exact strategy that not only I use in my business and the businesses of my clients but you won’t find many successful businesses that don’t get this strategy right.

If you want to know more, book a Strategy Call and let’s have a 20-minute chat and we’ll see if we’re a good fit each other.

Now, whether we’re right for each other or not, if you get on a call with me, I will show you how to get very clear, easy to implement steps you can use right away and start winning back your time so that you can get back to living life

But, this is only for mothers in business, mothers who are determined to succeed in business and make a difference in this world, women determined to make an impact on other people’s lives.


1:1 MoM Explode into Momentum Private Coaching

Perfect for the business owner who just wants your personal Business Design Planning Process finalised… one-on-one… NOW!

Imagine in just 8 hours, being able to create a vision for your company and values that speak to your ideal clients; then get down to some serious business planning and optimisation.

The Business Momentum Mastery is 8hrs of 1:1 personal intensive business planning which leads you, step by step through the process of creating a clearly defined structure for your business, unique to your business and suited to your lifestyle.

Watch Sabine Armbruster work her ‘Business Design Magic’ and walk away with a plan to implement immediately

One thing is for sure – follow this proven system and you will find yourself with time to spare each and every day, imagine that!


Do you get to the end of the week and realise you didn’t accomplish anything you set out to achieve?

Don’t worry, we’ve all experienced that feeling!
Download our Flexibility Formula to help you in your small business journey…