Unlimited Laser Coaching to Help You Grow Your Business

You know what's it's like when another 6 months go by and you still haven't launched that new program, created that web page or committed the time to grow your email list and to make things worse, your to-do list just keeps growing.

It's not a good feeling right?

What if you were completely clear on what you needed to do when and how to achieve your goals and created for yourself a business with consistent clients and a regular income?

Imagine if that freedom lifestyle were just around the corner


Laser Coaching sessions are short sharp 15 minute Coaching sessions that help you get to where you need to go without being sidetracked.

It's a form of accountability.

We begin with a 45 minute Kickstart Session where we set a clear goal, create a simple plan and outline the steps to take to achieve your goal. 

We keep a record of the conversation, the commitments and the actions you take and I guarantee that you will look back with amazement at how much you get done and how quickly you move forward.

The way this works is that you can book as many Laser Coaching sessions as you need within the next 6 months, the only criteria is that you have to complete the action from the previous session in order to book the next session.

This is a way to make sure that the tasks being done are the ones you know will move the needle for your business.

Laser Coaching is created for you to turn your business into a Superhero business that not only gives you income, independence and time but allows you to make a bigger difference to your community.

Delivered with love :)


You're someone who's seriously committed, who knows you can make a big difference to others but business is a struggle along with everything else going on in life.

You're looking for guidance and accountability to make sure you're on the right path and stay focused. 

You know that there is no quick fix but that doesn't deter you from believing in yourself... that it's possible for you to create a business that gives you the freedom to work from wherever you want whenever you want and truly enjoy life at the same time, AND you know that the journey is easier when not alone. 



Create a plan (with a goal in mind) so that you can balance your business with your life.


Break down your plan into simple doable steps to clearly see the steps needed to achieve your goal.


Overcome blocks that are holding you back from taking action and achieving that next level of business.


Learn to review, reset and redo and learn where to best focus your time and energy for the next biggest results.


Be accountable to doing what you say you will do, develop the habit of doing and feel that sense of achieving goals regularly.


Become an action taker with clarity, focus, confidence and commitment that knows what it takes to scale your business, build a team and win back your time.


I also love how Sabine is able to pull all of that cluttered information from your head, and create a simple process ~Kacie Brignell

I am so grateful for Sabine's help, I feel now I have the tools to take my business to the next level ~Deborah Carroll

These are fantastic suggestions - thank you! I knew you'd have amazing ideas! ~Peri McIntosh

I love your questions 😍 Such a great breakthrough for me & my partner
Thank you for being thoughtful ~Maylin Lim

100% Happy Guarantee 

I want you to be happy and feel that you're making the best investment in your business. You get my 100% Happiness Guarantee. If at the end of first 14 days of Laser Coaching you feel this is not for you, I will refund your investment less the deposit. You MUST cancel before the first 14 days in order to qualify for a refund. (Remember... In 14 days you could have already booked 14 calls.)

When you're happy I'm happy!

How much does Momentum Laser Coaching cost?

For 2 planning sessions plus 6 months of UNLIMITED 15 minute coaching session your total investment is $997

But all you need to pay today is $97...

Book in today for your first 30 minute Laser Kickstart Call so that we can set a goal, create a plan and outline the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. You will walk away with your first action step. Only after the Laser Kickstart Call will you be required to pay the balance.

Keep in mind that there are only 10 places available at any time, if you see the 'Book Now' button, you're in luck :)

Frequently asked questions

Can I really book an unlimited number of calls?

Yes! It is what it says... unlimited.

Once you complete the task/s we agreed to on the last Laser call then you are more than welcome to book your next call. Simple :)

What if I get stuck between calls?

We do make sure that at the end of every Laser session you are clear about what needs to be done and how. The sessions are also recorded so that you can look back on the conversation. If you however truly stuck, send me a message. I don't want you to be held back.

What if I don't have a clear goal?

That's fine, we work through that in our first meeting together. We look at your business from a birds eye view, talk about where you're at, what's worked and what didn't, what a good plan looks like for you and then set out some simple steps.

What do we talk about on the calls?

On the call, we always refer back to your goals so that we stay on track and come up with tasks that we both agree on. We make sure this is work that you are confident doing and are able to get done. 

Don't forget that we have already talked goals and created a plan on your first Kickstart call. Now it's simply time to implement.

Also for each session there are a set of targeted questions that give us an idea of what the next call may be about... it may simply be a matter of working out how.

Do I work with you or someone else on your team?

You absolutely get to work with me!

This is something I feel very strongly about, I'm sick of seeing people tired and  overwhelmed, and not achieving what they need to achieve. 

I want to see your wins as much as you do :)

Who is this for?

  • Coaches, consultants, services providers... actually any business who's focus is education.
  • Purpose driven business owners with high values and a commitment to make a difference to others 
  • If you value honesty, integrity and respect then I'd love to work with you. I promise to give you my all if you do the same. We're in this together.

How many places are available?

I only open this up to 10 people, when spaces are full I can add you to a wait list

Is there a payment plan?

Unfortunately not for this offer, but don't forget you can get the same benefits using credit as with a payment plan.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. if after our first 14 days together you don’t think I can absolutely help you achieve your business goals, then we’ll cancel the agreement and I’ll refund you $997 less the deposit. You will then walk away with a step by step plan on what you need to do to reach your goal plus the benefit of having had the opportunity to book up to 14 Laser coaching calls.

What do I pay when?

I'd like for us to meet before we commit to working together for 6 months so my policy is that you book your first call @ $97.  We then have our first meeting, the Laser Kickstart call, which takes around 30-45 minutes. Here we talk about your business and where you're at, we also set your goal and outline the action steps you need to take to reach that goal.

The $97 will go towards the full payment of $997. If we decide to work together and we are a good fit for each other only then will we process the remaining $900.

Sabine Armbruster

Online Business Designer

There is no age limit to growing a business or learning how to run a business online. 

If you're willing to learn, take action and take responsibility then I'm willing to guide you.

Mothers of Momentum exists to help women gain momentum in business and create a business that works for them...

Women with passion and purpose, who believe their time has come to make a difference.

You love what you do, in fact your amazing at what you do!... 

But... when it comes to business... you get stuck...

I want to see you, that woman in business, reach your kick-ass goals without the stress of business and tech...

My purpose is to simplify that business pathway so that you can focus on what you do best and...

Be the  teacher, leader and inspiration for the next generation.    




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