How To Stop Fear From Drowning Your Dreams


Having your own business is a big deal.

There is no under-estimating that it takes courage to grab hold of your dream and take the bold leap of faith to make it come true.

At times it can be so exciting that you want to burst with joy.

Other times it’s scary and that’s when fear can creep in and start to take over.

We start second-guessing ourselves and fear creates an apocalypse of questions like “Have I done the right thing?”| “Can I really make this work?” | “What if I fail and look stupid?” or “Am I good enough?”

IT’S OK!!!.

Fear is a natural part of the human condition. It protects us from potential danger and is an early alert signal to be cautious.

The key is not to let fear take over, kill your excitement, create a false illusion and unnecessarily stand in your way

When fear comes to play, what things can you do to keep it at bay?


Bravely investigate your fear.

Find out what’s really going on – both around you and within you. Look at what’s real and what’s probably a bit of your creative mind going into over-drive.

Margaret Wheatley suggests:

We can stay where we are and bravely investigate our fear. We can withdraw, flee, distract or numb ourselves. Or we can acknowledge that we are scared and stay right here, move towards it and examine it.  Curiosity can transform fear.


The 2018 rescue of the 12 member Thai Soccer team and their coach from a cave in Chiang Rai offered many exceptional leadership and life lessons including how to face fear and remain calm and courageous.

As the mother of a 12-year boy who plays soccer, I can tell you how difficult it was for me to hear about the boy’s plight, watch the rescue updates each day and imagine how scared and fearful they and their parents must have been. It’s unimaginable.

Thankfully the team’s coach, 25-year-old Ekapol Chantawong, embraced his greatest leadership moment. He taught them meditation skills to help the boys remain calm during their traumatic ordeal.

Ekapol helped keep the boys breathing and emotionally balanced during the crisis, and also readied them for their hours-long treacherous escape guided by expert cave divers. He taught them how to tap into their own tranquillity and inner stillness and keep themselves calm.

His personal leadership of the group during a fearful situation was significant in their survival.

When we feel fearful of our business journey, sometimes taking a step back, inhaling a few deep breaths and embracing a quiet and still moment can be very helpful. >>>


 Reduce the fear of the unknown by having a strategy, a plan and a framework to guide you through.

Having a plan lets you take a step back and look at your business as a whole, to see the big picture.

And seeing the big picture gives you the opportunity to think logically about where you are now, where you could have done things better in the past and what the next step is.

Think of a plan this way… if you don’t have a plan of how to get to your destination (where you’ve never been before), then how do you know you’re on the right path, let alone the most direct path???

So, not only is having a plan helpful in keeping problems at bay it’s also absolutely valuable for overcoming problems if they were to occur.

A plan will give you the confidence to know “I got this covered.”

It’s your A to B

It’ll get you from where you are now to where you want to be

It’s your lifeline.

Just as in the case of the rescue of the soccer team, the international rescue team of experts had a plan for getting the boys out where they could regularly assess the situation, considered the risks, adjust the plan and executed.

Thankfully it led to a happy ending.

 My Questions To You…

  1. How confident do you feel that you are on the right path to where you want to be?
  2. How courageous are you when you come across challenges in your business?
  3. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your business because you feel you’re going around and around in circles, feeling unguided and a little lost?

My advice to you would be to seriously consider creating a roadmap for how to approach your business

So now I guess you have a choice…

*** status quo and do nothing,

*** create your own map of what you think the path of your business should look like or…

*** download a map that has been tried, tested and proven.

Downloading the Flexibility Formula will not only show you the roadmap of how to optimise your business for freedom, flexibility and choice but with it, you’ll also get free training that explains exactly what each stage and each step actually mean

The Flexibility Formula might just be the framework to harness your energy and reduce any fear you might be feeling so that you can always lead your business with courage confidence.

So, download the Flexibility Formula now.

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