7 Steps To Designing Your Website In A Weekend

There is no room for perfectionism when designing a website… think of it as a work in progress
Not having a website is one thing that stops many new business owners from marketing their business as does being a perfectionist about the website you currently have
I hear way too many women say…
“I need to get my website right. What were to happen if people go to my website as it currently is and they lose faith in me straight away?”
But I bet if you showed your website to a few of your clients, they’d be impressed with what you had…
Perfectionism can be a curse
Now having said that… if not updating your website is something that bothers you day and night then it’s definitely worth prioritising and spending some time on
The problem is that most of us don’t have much time…
And I also know that the majority of people are not web designers…
Actually, neither am I… but…
I have learnt a thing or two about web design… in my 25years of business… unfortunately the hard way…
Through trial error…
Flying by the seat of my pants…
Making mistake after mistake…
Wasting time and money.
It was painful and I don’t want for you to go through the same
So… I’d love to save you time…
And stress…
And give you the system that worked for me in the end…
PSSST… have I got your attention???
Let’s get into it…

My 7 Steps to Designing Your Website in a Weekend

You don’t need to have a complex website with 8 tabs… simply start with a home page.
Here is a format you can use to start…
  • Header/menu bar with a logo
  • Image
  • CTA (Call to Action)
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • About You
  • Footer (with links, contacts. Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer)

Make sure you know the purpose of the website… why do you want people to go to your website and what do you want them to do?
Education? Credibility? Build a relationship? Sell a product?
If you want them to take action, be clear on what action you want them to take
Plan/draw your website layout on a sheet of paper first (using squares/rectangles)…
The easiest way to design a website is to look at a format you like and… one that already exists… and copy that format
Remember… keep it simple… this is not a design competition… it has a purpose
Write the words that go into each section in one document and cross-referenced back to your plan
Make sure the words are targeted… they are words your ideal clients can relate too… and don’t waffle… short and to the point is best…
Keep in mind that people don’t have much time…
The average time spent on a website is 2minutes 17 seconds with only 28% of words read

Label the fonts for each section… keep them consistent with the fonts you use across all marketing
Once you have chosen your fonts (for heading 1, heading 2 and body), you will no longer spend time thinking about which font to use where and when.
It’s like having a logo, once it’s done it’s done.
My favourite website for finding font combinations is Fontjoy 
Find images, again images your clients will relate to then add them into the master document with references to your plan. 
Pixabay and Unsplash are popular sites for downloading free images. Although these images are free, artists appreciate the recognition.
There is no point in having a plan if it’s not put into action
If you already have a website that simply needs amending, Fiverr is not a bad place to start… and if you choose this option, make sure you’re prepared with a detailed plan and description of what you need done. Communication and lack of detail is the number one reason why Fiverr fails for most people
If you’re starting from scratch and you have neither a logo, colours of fonts then I do suggest using a branding expert… the upfront investment is worth the time and money.
But if you choose to create the website yourself then using a template can be very helpful.
Playing around with a page builder like Elementor which is a drag and drop option for building WordPress sites
Using a program like Elementor gives you the freedom to create the design and layout you want but as with everything, this takes time.

Remember… HOPE is not a Strategy…

Plan the changes to your website

Put the plan in place 

If you struggle... ask for help
But whatever you do, don’t let building a website stop you from starting or growing your business
And if this is where you’re at with your coaching business…
Planning your strategies…
But like most of us mothers, you don’t have much time…
Here is a link to a letter I wrote to you… http://bit.ly/2XoNMU8
About the Author: I'm a mother and a business owner, since 25 years :0 I've had my fair share of ups and downs but I'm lucky... I've found the perfect mix... to balance and time. It all starts with a plan and a strategy, for business, one that works for you, the mother in business. This is it... “The Flexibility Formula”, go download it, it's yours... free.
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