What Do A Business, An Iceberg And Nelson Mandela Have In Common?

Realising it or not, with everything we do, we build foundations

With a new friend, a new love, a new home, a new building, a new experience, a new client, a new business
A foundation is a footing, a base, a substructure, an underpinning, a starting point, a beginning
Let’s make sure we spend the time to build solid foundations for our business like we would if we were to build a home.
Nelson Mandela’s life was a significant journey
He didn’t have a strong passion when he young, a strong desire to be an activist or a leader of save South Africa. Those qualities developed over time. A time where a friend introduced him to the fight for freedom
That is where his purpose was ignited.
Nelson Mandela in his life did the hard yards to earn his title.
He made some mistakes but he always got up again, only to come back bigger, faster and stronger.
He knew what he wanted to achieve
He had a vision, he had a purpose, he had a dream
This vision was the driving force behind his work.
The vision, you could say was the foundation of his fight for freedom
In the era of technology, we want to know that we are dealing with real people
Actually, more than that, we want to know that the people we seek out for help are people we can relate to.
There are many people driven by money but there are also many people motivated by a connection.
Letting the world know your vision, makes you human
Shouting it out says… “this is who I am, who can relate?”
In answer to the question ‘Is it essential for a business to have a vision?’…
No. It’s not essential as a small business but it helps when you’re looking for the perfect client.
Your Vision may well be the first step to a potential client choosing you.
Just as Nelson Mandela’s vision formed the foundation of his journey, your vision is a big part of your business foundation.
If you ask me, yes it’s essential for you to have a vision.
Behind a vision are passion and purpose
Your vision is a reminder to you each day why you do what you do.
It’s your personal motivator.
Motivation comes and goes, we’re all human, we all have our highs and our lows.
Following are 3 things I do to kick me back into action when I’m feeling particularly unmotivated:
1. Stop, take a break a breath. Take a few deep breaths. Destress and detach. Breath in for the count of 2 and out for the count of 4
2. Think about why you do what you do. Feel the feelings of achieving your ultimate goal. Then remind yourself that you won’t reach your goal unless you take action. Start small, with something you know you can achieve that has high achievement value.
3. Then count down 5-4-3-2-1 and clap hands, click fingers, whatever it takes… ACTION!

If you’re like me, you’ll find your mojo again, enough to make the day feel like an achievement
But I’m sorry to say motivating yourself is only a small part of building a solid foundation
Business foundations focus particularly on 2 things… you and your clients.
> Build on your Vision with a Mission, Values & Goals, and when that’s taken care of… 

>> It’s time to focus on your clients
It’s essential to spend time getting to know your clients.
As Steve Jobs said…
Get closer than ever to your customers, so close in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves.
Without clients, you have no business
But recognise that this is just the tip of the iceberg
It’s always interesting how people spend the time to create information when they don’t know how to use it
The trick is to paint the big picture.
If you need help with that, I can help.
Here is my formula for painting the big picture of a business. The Flexibility Formula checklist. The checklist that will show you exactly where you’re at and what it is that you need to focus on next.
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