3 Parts To Successful Accountability In Business

How do I know if I’m taking the right step?

I’m sitting here in the garden writing this blog with my computer on my feet

I have millions of ideas flying around in my head

And I’m aware that more often than not my ideas never get off the ground

But today is different

Triggered by a conversation with a client.

That made me realise the only reason some ideas to get off the ground is because of my accountability buddy.

way accountability works are if there is common ground in the group (manage of course, by a fearless leader)

Being part of an accountability group or partnership may play a part in one person’s success but it’s not essential for everyone’s success

Let’s Decipher Accountability

What is accountability?

Accountability is the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

Accountability = Making sure you do what you say 

Does flexibility exist when it comes to accountability?

Of course… isn’t that the prerogative of a mother in business? Flexibility?

… And without Guilt

Needless to say, accountability works for some and not for others

But there are some guidelines that should not be flexible when it comes to accountability


3 Main Components To Flexible Accountability…


1. Accountability with Compatibility

Accountability is a way to motivate, to inspire, to take action and actually achieve

Personally… I love accountability with compatible people

And I’ve got to say I’m lucky that I have finally found the perfect accountability buddy.

And there’s tip no 1: make sure you partnered with the right person/people


You’ve got to still want to achieve otherwise there’s a good chance it won’t happen even with the perfect person

2. Let’s Talk Goals

Why have goals?

Simply… to have something to work towards

Goals can be big or small… both have their advantages

A Big Hairy Audacious Goal can be too big and dismissed if it seems too big and unachievable (hint: just pull it back a little until it feels achievable yet challenging)

A small goal is great in the short term or as one step out of many

But a goal that is too small with no level of challenge will be dismissed as unimportant and forgotten

So how do you know when you’ve got a good goal?

If it’s scary but you can still say it aloud it’s in the realm of achievable and beneficial

If it means you’re stepping in the right direction towards your dream it’s probably not a bad start either

And if you’re inclined to write it down and pin it on the wall for inspiration and motivation… you may have hit the nail on the head


3. The Fearless Leader

An accountability group, however, needs a fearless leader

Someone that is focused on the members achieving (and not themselves) in which case a support leader may be helpful to keep the leader accountable too

(or of course, if you’re in a paid membership or program the role of the leader is as a facilitator, not a member)

How often have you been in a partnership or small group where you’ve bandied around the idea of accountability thinking that that’s what is going to move you forward fast?

I know I have

And I know many others

But they often fall apart before too long


With no leader…

  1. People lose interest, motivation and momentum
  2. And no real goals, there’s often no real commitment
  3. There is no guide to make sure that the group is congruent and headed in the right direction, celebrating wins and overcoming challenges

How do I know if Accountability is the perfect next step?

All in all, Accountability may or may not be the next best step for you to reach your goals in business

What that means is that every person is different

Every person works at a different pace…

With different ideas…

And different needs…

The secret is to know your secret sauce

And my best advice is to find the right mentor to help you

  1. create a roadmap for your business
  2. develop a plan on how to implement it
  3. understand what it takes for you to take action… and that may well be accountability
I guess I was lucky…

Actually, I was super lucky.

You see, I had all these pieces…but nothing fitted together

So I went looking for the person that could help me piece everything together

And that’s where I found luck… I found that person… that mentor to whom I will be forever grateful

For helping me create the right plan for the right time…

And teaching me how to adjust it for when times change


You may be lucky too…

I’m here to talk if you need it… what have you got to lose?

Maybe half an hour of time to create a plan for your business?

That sounds more like win-win to me

It may be exactly what you need to understand if your next step is the right step for you

And who knows if we got on well we may even end up working together 🙂

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