About Me

About Mothers of Momentum

Hi Mother of Momentum! I’m Sabine 🙂

I’m a mother and a business owner too – I’ve actually been a business owner for about 25 years, trying on a few different businesses and hats in that time just for good measure and added experience! 

 I wouldn’t change what I’ve done, what I’ve tried or what I’ve experienced. I’ve had my ups and downs, my ins and outs. I’ve had success and I’ve had failures but what I do know is that I love working with mums, finding solutions for mothers in business and I love the freedom of choice of working for myself. 

When I left school, my heart was set on nursing… but I quickly discovered that was definitely not for me… I’m more of a helper than a healer. I love design and construction and that’s where I focused my time, actually I spent the next 25 years running a construction company as the designer and planner.  

I loved what I did and I loved my clients but I didn’t love the industry.

The interesting thing was that I planned projects, but I never planned my time or my life. 

The to-do list

I used to get up in the morning and the first thing I thought about was what I had to do today? I’d start a list but the list quickly turned into many lists, lists that couldn’t ever be achieved. I was stressed, totally frustrated and totally overwhelmed, I just couldn’t keep writing these lists, they were totally draining my energy and my happiness. 

Something had to change.  

In 2007 we (my husband and I) simply packed up the family and ran away. We went camping, we went remote and we didn’t return until 3 months later! 

When we returned, lots had changed for me, I knew I wanted out of the building industry and I knew I wanted to help people but wasn’t clear on how. That’s where my journey really began… my journey of self-discovery. 

I think you might be there right now. 

Fast forward 9 years and I’ve found my passion outside of the building industry. Now I’m lucky to help mums just like me design, build and construct their business and their life so they maintain he passion, build the business of their dreams and live the life they deserve. 

The know-how

I know how to overcome overwhelm and frustration, I know how to eliminate stress in business and in life… I know how to find balance. With balance, life changes… and that’s when the magic happens, that’s when your vision, your mission, your purpose become clear. 

With a vision, a vision that is truly yours, running a business is no longer a chore and that’s where I come in 

Designing your life

I work with mums in business to build a business that is sustainable, a business that resonates with you, one that fits with you and your lifestyle, a business that makes you happy and gives you and your family the lifestyle you deserve.  

And it all starts with planning… mapping your business and planning your time with systems and strategies that are simple and give you clarity to move forward faster

Where do you start?

If you are tired of not having the energy to put into your business and your family, and know you need to do something about it, let’s have a conversation. That’s all it takes.  Just one conversation for a change to happen.