3 Tips To A Guilt-Free Day For A Mother In Business

Sometimes I feel like I’m not in control of either my business, my time or my life for that matter. And I ask myself if that’s the life of a mother in business.
It feels like I’m going through the motions of life just because that’s the life I’m in

It can be frustrating

And I know I’m not alone
If I had $1 for every time I heard the overwhelm in the voice when I ask mothers how business is going… I’d be a rich woman.

It’s that OMG Moment!

It happens when I realise I’ve opened a can of worms with that question, that question of “how are you going?”
The barrage begins
The barrage of I don’t know how’s and if only I had… but… but… but
Life is not easy when it comes to running 2 jobs, one being your business and the other one (dare I label it a job)… motherhood
But I need to ask you two questions, questions to get you thinking…
Do you judge or criticise another mother in business when you see her struggling?
Do you want to be judged yourself if you happen to have a bad week?
I know I don’t… I go into ‘I want to help’ mode because I understand the challenges.
Most fellow mothers in business I know are the same… they’d empathise
What I’m getting at is that we’re all human and the people putting pressure on mothers in business are themselves
We are the ones that judge ourselves the most; that criticise us and put us down.

Mothers Guilt

And then there’s the mother’s guilt… oh the mother’s guilt
The guilt that we didn’t always feed our babies healthy food, that we put them into childcare (or not), that we didn’t play enough games together, that we didn’t push them enough to do homework or we pushed them too much and we also feel guilty when we prioritise work over our families
But there’s a simple solution if you’re willing to try it
3 Tips to a Guilt-Free Day for a Mother in Business
Back off – it’s simple! 

Take a step back and look at what you’ve achieved in your life. 

What you’ve achieved as a person. 

What you’ve achieved as a mother. 

I don’t think you’ll have trouble finding achievements and if you do then you need a day off or better still… a holiday 😊 

The thing is, with a home business, it's not a life or death situation for someone to take a break. 

As a matter of fact, you and everyone around you will be better for it 💛
Assign daily tasks to balance: 1 easy job for the home (best done outside of your work time); 1 easy job for the business that is growth focused (to keep the business moving forward), time to be truly present with your children and of course for you.   

Take care of the essentials and begin to introduce a little more balance back into your day. 

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in, day out ~ Robert Collier  

Tip: Start small
Know that tomorrow is a different day. 

You can prepare for a more action-packed productive day in business or a day with more ‘value’ time for the family. 

Sometimes there will be those exceptions to the rule where things don’t come together for a week or so but hey you’re a mum.

Enjoy your days... there's always tomorrow
So, in other words… be kind to yourself


What Does Being Kind to Yourself Look Like?
If you’re anything like me, being kind to myself sometimes looks like having someone help me out when I’m struggling. If this sounds like you in business then get in touch with me and I’m happy to chat, to help you out
There are 3 ways you can get in touch with me
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My focus is to help women in business turn their purpose into income through simple to implement strategies that give you confidence and control of your business, your income and your time
What I want most for you, a woman in business is to make life easier.
About the Author: I'm a mother and a business owner, since 25 years :0 I've had my fair share of ups and downs but I'm lucky... I've found the perfect mix... to balance and time. It all starts with a plan and a strategy, for business, one that works for you. This is it... “The Flexibility Formula”, go download it, it's yours... free.   
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