5 Steps To Eliminating Overwhelm Fog

Ever woken up to feeling completely overwhelmed, like you can’t cope, and want to give up?
Because you have so much to do and don’t know where to start
Your mind is racing, from one thing to another
And nothing ever gets finished
You can’t breathe
You can’t focus
You’re not functioning as you know you can
You can’t control your mood
And you can’t think straight
It seems this franticness has happened overnight
But you know deep down the tension and anxiety has been building over time
Does this sound familiar?
This is a common story for those multi-tasking mothers in business out there.
I know how you feel because I’ve been one of them too!
There are however a few steps you can take to eliminate that Overwhelm Fog before it sets and causes some real damage…



I’m a curious person
I like to ask questions
Learning something new is very exciting to me, it inspires me.
Actually, it’s a priority in my life
And I’ve learnt that in everything we do there is a lesson to be learnt
Recently I’d been talking to colleagues.
Discussing marketing messages… in basic terms… questioning what we teach.
Brainstorming answer to what people want and what people need
You see, this is an exercise I do to make sure I’m on the right track.
All because I know that overwhelm comes from taking a wrong turn, and I don’t want to take the wrong turn… again
I call it my Back to Basics time
It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, the size or how long you’ve been in business when you deconstruct and get back to basics there is always something new to learn and clarity to be had


This for me is essential… I go for a walk. Get out in the open and remove me from what’s causing the Overwhelm Fog
Walking is one of my personal sanctuaries.
There are no interruptions, no social media, no emails, no work
It’s simply me and my thoughts.
I ponder the good things that I’ve done in the past, what’s worked for my business. What’s created excitement and what’s generated income without too much effort
Then I move onto the things that didn’t work so well. The things that took time, money and energy for very little return.
Now that I’m starting to see everything for what it is, I start to write… that’s what it takes for me to move forward
Next comes the sorting out


Now that I have sorted things through in my mind, it’s time to get them on paper, firstly in my journal, then in a way that is actionable.
It clears my mind from the burden of holding on to too much information
Writing is fundamentally an organizational system. Keeping a journal, according to Dr Pennebaker, helps to organize an event in our mind, and make sense of trauma. When we do that, our working memory improves, since our brains are freed from the enormously taxing job of processing that experience, and we sleep better.
As an added bonus, studies also show that journalling not only helps to lower stress levels but also has enormous benefits for our physical health
(I like that!!!)
Here’s the trick with writing…
Don’t think that you have to start with any order or anything that makes sense, just get something down on paper, the sorting comes soon after.


At this stage, I feel like I am starting afresh.
I can see what I’ve got going on, what works, what doesn’t and what’s draining my energy.
What I’ve done is simply DECLUTTER
It feels great to declutter the cupboards in Spring, this is the same, it feels great to declutter the mind.
It gives a sense of renewed energy, a new beginning and a feeling of being back on track
Start afresh with a new upgraded plan then…


Now before all this happens, before you get back to basics and even your walk, your brain may well try to tell you that you don’t have time to stop and reset.
But be aware!
Your brain may well be trying to keep you safe, safe in the comfort zone…
Remember though your comfort zone does not always serve you well especially when it comes to change
The most important thing to do now is to:
  • Recognise where you’re at with how you’re feeling
  • Make sure the strongest voice in your head is the logical one setting you on the right path
  • Take action to get back on track so that you can make the most of your time
Take the right action even if you need to go through the cycle again…
  1. Back to Basics…
    2. Take a walk…
    3. Journal…
    4. Start afresh…
    5. Time


Feeling overwhelmed can be debilitating and have bad side effects
But if you take the right action it can be quickly overcome
Follow these 5 steps and take control of not only your business and your time but you’re life as well
Now, if you don’t have a roadmap for your business, then here’s mine.
Following a plan is the best step you can take for your business. Sadly most small businesses don’t have a plan and if they do then, most don’t follow it.
Please don’t make the same mistake
Wandering aimlessly through life is not an option as a mother, why do that in business?
Here’s the link again to my plan https://mothersofmomentum.com/flexibility-formula
About the Author: I'm a mother and a business owner, since 25 years :0 I've had my fair share of ups and downs but I'm lucky... I've found the perfect mix... to balance and time. It all starts with a plan and a strategy, for business, one that works for you, the mother in business. This is it... “The Flexibility Formula”, go download it, it's yours... free.   
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